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In a world of rapidly shrinking attention spans, I hope that my writings about fly fishing can hook readers the way a well-tied fly hooks fish. I decided to start this blog for multiple reasons. One being my recent interest and a developing passion for fly fishing, another being this is my way of not only showcasing my local fishery, but it is also my little way to promote conservation of one of our few remaining and local wild areas in South Texas. If I am to be upfront though, the most important reason is a bit selfish, as I am using this platform to hone my writing skills in the hopes to pursue another big project at a later date. What better way to discover my identity and writing style than to let the public be the judge of what I write and if it is worth reading.

 In this blog, you will find post about reviews with local guide services I have used primarily for fly fishing, but I will also do my best to get on with traditional spin reel guides as well for you conventional anglers out there that may follow along. Another focus will be experiences and general posts about fishing not only the Lower Laguna Madre, but anywhere else the sport takes me. I will try and provide some gear reviews as well for novice and experienced anglers alike in the hopes you can make a more informed decision before dropping your hard-earned money on a particular piece of equipment. Lastly, I want to share my experiences about the joy and peace you can find enjoying the great outdoors.

 I hope to keep up with this blog by posting no less than once a month. I have no sponsors or affiliations so all my writings are coming from me and only me and will be on my dime. If that ever changes, I’ll be sure to let you the reader know.  So if this blog interest you, I hope you follow along. Go ahead and subscribe via email to get an update on when I post a new article. Also, you can find me on Facebook, where I will share my latest post when they go live.  

I am looking forward to your feedback.


4 comments on “The Journey Begins

  1. Sarah says:

    Excited for your babe!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mellowdave says:

    Kerry I’m looking forward to reading more my man.


  3. Dennis Wallace says:

    We don’t need stories of guide services we need men with fly fishing experience to help us beginners learn more on how to fly fish on the Madre like we’re and what kind flies we need to catch the fish in are Madre think that experience could help the beginner like me thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll be sure to write about that. I appreciate the advice on giving me an idea on what the reader wants.


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